A smarter, low-risk on-ramp to education success.

Academy partners with academic institutions, employers, communities, and others with low-cost, low-risk solutions that yield dramatic improvements regardless of prior academic experience.

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Our Solutions

For Colleges & Universities

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Alternative solutions to reducing first-year attrition, summer bridge programs, improving remediation, and more.

For Employers

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An approach that prepares employees for success in their educational programs and careers.

For Community Groups & Funders

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College readiness solutions for state and local governments, workforce groups, nonprofits, and other community groups.

We Solve Challenges

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  • Preparing all levels of learners for success in postsecondary education
  • Addressing the dropout problem – with innovative, tested solutions
  • Addressing skills vital to success as a 21st century worker
  • Building core skills competencies – in math, writing, and more
  • Developing confident, resilient life-long learners

The Power of Mindset

Resilient learners aren’t necessarily smarter. But they believe in themselves. They work hard, handle setbacks, and manage their time and habits better. The Academy’s Program for Academic and Career Advancement (PACA) helps even underprepared individuals—including those who have been out of school for years—develop the confidence, grit, and core competencies to succeed in postsecondary education and, of course, in their jobs as well.

The Academy develops remarkably resilient learners through coaching that supports behavioral change, creating a sense of belonging in academic settings, and strengthening social and emotional skills that build resiliency.

We can help your institution’s students or employees become strong, resilient learners.

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