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Solutions for your big student success challenges.

Solutions to Major Challenges

The needs for educational institutions vary, but Academy’s approach can make a tremendous difference:

  • Reducing first-year attrition
  • Replacing remedial courses
  • Reengaging stopped-out students
  • Serving adult students better
  • Offering flexible dual credit options

Our Approach

At Academy, we have a simple goal—create remarkably resilient learners. It’s a simple, but big challenge. Learning can be difficult for many individuals, particularly those with no college experience or those who have struggled in the past. That said, many individuals have greater potential than even they realize.

Academy’s three-pronged approach to preparing students—coursework, social-emotional learning, and personalized professional coaching—can be transformative for students.

Program for Academic and Career Advancement (PACA)

PACA is Academy’s one-of-a-kind program designed to develop resilient learners, even among those who traditionally would underperform in higher education. It develops students’ self-awareness, a growth mindset, confidence, communication skills, help-seeking skills, and planning, time management, and study habits and positions them for long-term academic and career success.

Based on years of evidence-based research and experience at WGU, PACA includes self-paced, mobile-phone friendly modules, online synchronous group sessions, and personalized one-to-one coaching. Students meet face-to-face via webcam and build a self-supportive peer network. It combines experiential learning, social support, and self-reflective awareness to empower students during their academic journey.

Learning and Coursework Options

Depending upon the needs of the population being served, your Academy program can include core skills development in math and literacy competence, or college-level courses. Our college-level courses are accredited through the American Council on Education (ACE).

Partnering with Academy

Academy offers innovative solutions backed by research to meet your institution’s needs. Together we design a program that collectively aligns with your institution’s goals while keeping Academy’s student-centric approach at its focus. Whether its college credit courses or support with core skills, your students will become more resilient in large part because of the personalized experience they receive through the Program for Academic and Career Advancement (PACA).

We can help your institution’s students or employees become strong, resilient learners.

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